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THE RIGHT SIDE By Armstrong Williams

The Right Side Forum 10:30a - 11:30a Saturday Morning with Armstrong Williams focuses on events on a national and international scale diving into robust circumstances that impact the nation.

Armstrong Williams


The Armstrong Williams Show is a live television program that airs weekly in 171 markets across the U.S.

Called "one of the most recognized conservative voices in America" by The Washington Post,

Armstrong Williams is an African-American right-wing political commentator. He expresses his opinions through a nationally syndicated conservative newspaper column and on the Armstrong Williams radio show. His show runs on weekdayson the famous nationwide Sirius XM platform. He also has a nationwide political talk show program on television called the Armstrong Williams Show. Armstrong Williams is best known throughout America, the world and in the press as the business manager and confidant of Republican politician, political pundit and former brain surgeon Ben Carson, who is also African-American.

Armstrong Williams endorsed Ben Carson to be the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential race. He was employed by Dr Carson as an advisor for the presidential campaign in2015. Armstrong advocated for Carson to be the Republican nominee for president until the campaign was suspended in early March of 2016. Dr Carson after the suspension of the campaign endorsed current president of the United States Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee.

Carson also became an advisor to President Trump throughout his successful campaign. The most famous and popular Armstrong Williams show on Sirius XM was when he did a Facebook live streamed town hall interview with Doctor Ben Carson in May of 2017. It was live streamed on the Sirius XM Facebook page and broadcast across the country on the Armstrong Williams radio show.

The town hall interview came after Ben Carson was announced by president Trump as the new secretary for housing and urban development for the administration. The interview was watched by over 95,000 viewers on Facebooks and hundreds and thousands listened to the Town Hall interview on the Sirius XM radio platform across the US.

Ben Carson’s campaign was analyzed in detail and often supported by the political pundits on the show. The most famous Armstrong Williams rescue of Ben Carson came in September 2015 on CNN. Williams had to defend Ben Carson’s comment that those of the Muslim faith shouldn’t be president. In the interview on CNN Williams attacked the Muslim faith saying that the faith “treats women like animals, it is disregarding life and is beheading and killing homosexuals” and urged the Muslim faith to change their actions and get back to “what Islam should be about” which is peace. He then goes on to say that “Doctor Carson is not comfortable advocating for a Muslim to be president of the Unite States or anywhere near state or federal legislatures.”

Armstrong Williams graduated from South Carolina State University in 1981. He received a Bachelor of Arts focusing on political Science and English. Soon after his graduation he served many rolls within the political sphere. He worked hard and he became vice president for B&C Associations, which is an international affairs public relations firm. Williams than went on to serve as assistant chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Armstrong was also a presidential appointee to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a legislative assistant to former Governor of South Carolina and House of representative Carrol Campbell and Williams also became an aide and advisor to U.S. Senator Storm Thurmond. However, his biggest role came in 2004, when Armstrong was appointed by President George W. Bush to the Presidents’ Commission on White House Fellows. Williams is also the cousin of the South Carolina State Senator Clemente Pinckney who was unfortunately a victim of the Charleston Church Shooting incident in 2015.  Learn more on twitter, siblings, show cast, and a phone number to call Armstrong Williams.

Armstrong Williams announced on his SiriusXMradio show and on television in October of 2016 that he was “warm” towards Trump and vehemently against Hillary Clinton in terms of the presidential race.

He thought the main stream media gave “Mrs Clinton a pass.” In other words, the media was too soft on her and they all endorsed her for the presidency.

On Armstrong Williams’ radio show and on his television show program named Right Side he often had male and female African-American conservative commentators that were more for supporting President Trump than Hillary Clinton, to discuss the political issues of the day.

Armstrong Williams liked Ben Carson because he is a fellow African-American and mostly importantly because of his stance on the major political issues. Dr Carson is a massive supporter of free speech and the first amendment, which Carson believed was being weakened by the “PC Police” of the Obama administration and the media which “stifle people’s conversation” and make them “afraid to say what they actually believe.”

Carson is also pro-life and compares women who have abortions to historical slave owners. He opposes abortion in all cases including pregnancies that result from rate and he argues that “The number-one cause of death for black people is abortion.” Carson also rejects the idea that human activity causes climate change and said, “there is no overwhelming science that the things that are going on are man-caused and not naturally caused.”

During his campaign Carson proposed a flat tax and a capital gains tax of 10%, after calling the current progressive gradual personal income tax system “socialism” in the first Republican Primary debate. Carson supports gun rights and wants to protect the second amendment. Carson was also very critical of Obama Care and wanted to change America’s education system so that government funding would not go to education institutions that have a left-wing bias and that only teach evolution instead of both evolution and creationism.

Armstrong Williams as Carson’s’ campaign advisor often had to go on networks such as Huffington Post to defend Carson’s statements and political positions throughout his campaign.

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